We use Premium quality Remy hair extensions.

With no damage to your hair

Quicker and easier to apply than beaded extensions, tape extensions are more affordable with the same fantastic result and better yet are much easier to maintain.
They will also last you up to 2 years, providing you look after them properly.

The tape works by sandwiching your hair in between two of the hair strips. which means no more chunky/lumpy/painful hair extensions.

Depending on the result you wish to achieve application will take between
30 - 90 minutes.

The initial cost includes the extensions, cutting them in for a beautiful blend and gorgeous curls or waves to finish.
We recommend the De Lorenzo Defence range for home maintenance.
The re-application costs are greatly reduced as you don't need to purchase any more hair, unless you want a longer/thicker result. You will need to re-apply the extension every 6-12 weeks depending on hair growth.


Full head from-$600
Partial head from-$300
Individual from $25


Full head $200
Partial head $100
individual $10

*Full adds length and thickness to medium/long hair.
*Partial adds some thickness and is great for splashes of colour.

-A 50% deposit is required -